Who Are We?

Our Mission is to educate and inform citizens on the causes and effects of soil erosion and related issues, in order to empower individuals, communities, and the public. We work to encourage environmental stewardship on the personal level as well as at the community level. 

PSU has forged strong ties with the surrounding community and tailors its courses to prepare students for the multitude of exciting challenges that await them in college and beyond. Each 6-credit, community-based learning course is designed by a Portland State faculty member to provide students with the opportunity to apply, in a team context, what they have learned in their major and in their other University Studies courses to a real challenge emanating from the metropolitan community. Interdiscliplinary teams of students address these real challenges and produce a summation product under the instruction of a PSU faculty member.Each Capstone's purpose is to further enhance student learning while cultivating crucial life abilities that are important both academically and professionally: establishing connections within the larger community, developing strategies for analyzing and addressing problems, and working with others trained in fields different from one's own.

For information on the PSU Senior Capstone experience please visit the website at: http://www.pdx.edu/unst/senior-capstone

We are eighteen students, who are participating in a senior capstone class at Portland State University. We've worked together as a team this Spring Term 2010 to put together a blog and this website 'EcoMerge'. 

Welcome to EcoMerge! 
                Adam Wilkins,Amelia Sires, Barbara Harrison, Bradley Phillips,Eric Calvin,Eric Pugh,Holly Martinez,Ibrahim Al-Arifi,Jake Hayworth, Jalal Al-Zayer, Justin Hayes,Michael Dang,Rick Willems,Sean Bruno,Sharon Murphy,Turki Alfaraj,YaraAlhumaidan, &Professor Robert Bremmer.